Things To Know For a Successful Employee Referral Program

Things To Know For a Successful Employee Referral Program

A proactive HRM system is the basis of a productive business management, each time your organization loses an employee, you can suffer a loss in productivity and eventually profit. Laying focus on the issue, employee referral program is one of the most important parts of your HRM solution. An active organization demands proactive hiring programs in cases of urgent requirements, but it is really hard to find the right candidate who matches your business standards in a limited time. Here is where the need of a capable employee referral program comes into the picture. With your grand employee network, you can surely create a fine candidate pipeline for your requirements.

Here are some points to keep in mind before you design your employee referral program for your HR software solution-

1) A Pleasant Working Culture and Recognized Brand Status

An employee will only recommend your organization to a friend or family if he himself is satisfied by the working culture of your company and if your company promises a stable future for the candidate he recommends. A capable employee support is an integral part of an ideal ERP.

2) Proper and Documented ERP Policy

A proper documented ERP policy needs to be integrated with your HRM software so as to build an employee’s trust in your organization. An unbiased performance management system and appraisal policy are the main factors that help you in forming a dedicated employee network.

Important Parameters of your ERP Framework that Should Be Integrated into Your HRM Software-

1) Set of instructions for your ERP

2) List of HRs concerned with the referral program

3) List of Job Openings

4) Different conditions based on which the referral incentives are awarded

5) Transparent inquiry centre for getting updates about your referral candidate

Main Points To Consider To Build An Ideal Employee Referral Program

1) Incentive Based Referral Policy

According to various surveys, incentive-based benefits prove to be the best promotion for your employee referral programs. Other than cash rewards per successful referrals, there are various other incentives like vacation time, gift cards, etc. You can make a clear incentive based ERP with the help of an HR solution software.

2) Competition Based Referral Policy

For an active Employee Referral Program, you can inject a competitive spirit in your employees by conducting a contest for most successful referrals between teams. You can use your HRM system to share the related information easily among your staff.

3) Transparent Flow of ERP Information Through HRM software

For an ideal ERP, you need to make sure that your employees are able to access or are notified of the status of their referral candidates. Employees should be able to see various stages of his referral candidate like – Accepted, Interviewing, Selected or Rejected. This can help your employees to know the reasons for the rejection of their referral candidates and enhance their screening process to present you with high-quality referrals.

4) List of Openings Sorted According to Priorities

You can use the proactive approach of HRM solution to update your list of openings. You need to prioritize the openings that are hard to fill and are urgent so as to ensure minimal loss in productivity.

You can boost your Employee Referral Program by considering the above points. With this, we are a recognized Tally Solutions company that can help you to empower your organization with best-in-class HRM solutions at most market competitive prices. You can connect with us at – [email protected].

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