Guidelines for Creating a Paid Sick Leave Policy – Leave Management

Guidelines for Creating a Paid Sick Leave Policy – Leave Management

Today, one of the most influential trends in the HRM department is the paid sick leave policy. This policy was initiated in Connecticut has grown nationally with a fast pace craving benefits for the employees in the terms of better leaves and payout management. On the other hand, it also craves to gain in some perks for the employer by higher employee productivity. However, since the concept or policy being new for many organizations, it has grown as a great challenge for organizations to find the correct structure and the optimum HR solution software for the paid leave policy.

Here we guide you through some considerations that need to be studied while structuring the correct paid leave policy for your business:
Among the various considerations, the first point that needs to be discussed and thought about is the nature of your business. Depending on the nature of your business, you should be able to craft the correct strategy or HR Management Software for the paid sick leave bank, whether it would be a combined leave bank keeping the record of Paid time Off (PTO) for various vacation leaves, sick leaves and other accrued leave OR there would be different leave record banks based on the type of leave.

Based on your business a combined PTO bank generally requires a less time to process the leave dates without indulging in the reasons of the leave, thus saving the employer from the record keeping complications. Here is where a suitable HRM system can also help the employer. On the other side, if there is a separate PTO recordkeeping based on the type or purpose of the absenteeism, the employer would require a purely functional HRM solution so as to effectively keep the record of the leaves and payouts accordingly.

Some of the most preferred guidelines to construct a good sick leave policy include-

  • - A method to keep a track the leaves used by an employee for an accurate record keeping

  • - Method to track the purpose of the leave and manage the payouts accordingly

  • - Procedure to request the foreseeable leaves by the employees

  • - Method to track the reason of sick leave along with a preferred medical documentation

  • - Platform to view leaves records on the employer and the employee side.

  • Here is where a leave balance coming from the same pot could help the employer to counter fewer leave uses by employees as the fake sick leaves may eat up his vacation leaves.

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