ERP Software – The Productive Way of Business Management

ERP Software – The Productive Way of Business Management

Business Management is a composite of resource management, operational management and expense management. Today with the huge competition in the business sector and the lower productivity of the conventional business management software there has grown a need for automated business management software. One such automated business management software is the ERP software or the ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ software. It is effective and advanced software designed specifically to manage the various business processes, resources and the finance in a productive, accurate, and automated manner.

Key Functionalities of the ERP System Software-

1) Resource Management – An ideal ERP system allows you an authoritative control over the various resources of your organization that include- the workforce, the raw materials used, and the various machines operated.

2) Process Management – The ERP Software allows you to channelize and facilitate the workflow of your business processes according to your requirement. With this, the level of access to the information can also be divided as per the category of the departments, thus helping you to manage your business processes authoritatively.

3) Centralization of Business Processes – The Enterprise Resource Planning Software centralizes your complete business data to give you a composite view of each business process, resource, and finance information. This information can be used for reference and analytics to plan your sales cycle and optimize your business processes.

The Key Areas of Operations of ERP Software-

• Product Planning

• Development

• Manufacturing

• Marketing, advertising and sales

• Inventory management

• Shipping of products

• Purchase

• Accounting

ERP system software allows you to automate the whole business management process and centralize it for creating analytics reports that could help you with explicit analysis over each minute of your business management procedure and optimize it for gaining high Return on Investment.

The various perks the best ERP software promises you-

• Better management of resources

• Channelizing your business processes effectively

• Centralization of business data for composite view over business parameters

• Prudent decision making with available analytics

• Automated business management with improved productivity

• Sales forecasting based on analytics

• Creation of data backups and enhancing data security

• Increased operational efficiency

• Effective budget management

Another important part of business management is expense management, which can be managed productively using Tally Software or the ‘Tally Accounting Software’.

The various features of Tally that help in expense management include-

• Accounting

• Billing

• Payroll Management

• Inventory Management

• Banking

• Taxation

• Analytics Report Creation

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