About Us


Tally Solution offers you top Tally product solutions to boost your business capabilities in the simple yet effective way. Offering you the impeccably customized Tally solutions according to your specific business needs, we claim high functionality of our Tally solutions products. At Tally Solution we are committed to making our clients avail the unbound comprehensive functionality of our Tally products in the most intuitive aspect. Further, keeping our clients abreast with the most recent advancement in Tally, we offer high scalability and customization support for our Tally solutions Jaipur.

At Tally Solution we present Tally as ‘complete and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning software’ instead of the wrongly interpreted ‘accounting software’. Thus, introducing your business with the various perks of Tally like – Accounting, Billing, Stock Management, Concurrent Data Access tool, Inventory Management, Payroll Management, Banking, Taxation, etc. Our expert team of learnt and experienced professionals at Tally Solution has an in-depth knowledge in the field and excels in developing industry-specific Tally solutions for you.

As a recognized Tally solutions company whether you require Tally for your small business requirements or for large stock management, or huge accounting needs, we customize highly scalable solutions for you at a particularly market competitive cost so as to earn you an upper hand over your competitors.

The particularly productive Tally Solutions Products include-

Tally ERP 9:

At Tally Solution, we claim to serve you with the unquantifiable business management capabilities with the help of our Tally ERP 9 product that is exactly customized according to your business-specific requirements. With reliable real-time access, audit and compliance service support, 24 hours support and security integration Tally ERP 9 is the best ERP software that is functional in the areas of payroll management, accounting, stock management, finance, sales and purchase management, billing support, branch and employee management, and statutory processes, etc. Our Tally ERP 9 solution avails you a high scalability support and customization support in a cost-effective price. With this, we offer the seamless integration of the product over your existing hardware for high performance.

Tally Server 9:

Offering you a concurrent access to the real-time data, we at Tally Solution excel with the Tally Server 9 platform solutions, which are particularly functional in allowing a consistent and secure data access to you. Emphasizing on a colossal efficiency with Tally Server 9, we deliver you a comprehensive access to your data for stock management software application or other uses. With this, as an accomplished Tally solutions company, the solutions we claim helps our clients to develop an agile work process with no downtime issues.

Tally Developer 9:

Tally Solution cherishes a valuable experience in serving the many businesses over the globe with purely effective Tally softwares that are developed over Tally Developer 9. Our organization is bestowed with a well-established team of professional engineers who with their leading technical expertise, employ the TDL (Tally Definition Language) integrated Tally Developer 9 effectively with its perks like action-driven control and seamless integration. With Tally Developer 9 we offer you fully functional custom Tally software solutions for your specific business needs like data management and real-time access, email support etc.

Tally Shopper 9:

Leading as a technologically adept stock management software our Tally Shopper 9 product inevitably enlists itself the best solution for retailers as well as distributors. Tally Solution claims you a highly scalable Shopper 9 product solution that allows you over your stock management needs like stock records of purchase and sold along with the bar code listing support. Be it your intuitive transaction and billing requirements or handling stocks up to Lakhs of SKU our Shoper 9 product is always there to your rescue at a cost-effective price.

ERP Software:

Tally Solution along with its well-established chain of Tally products, offers the best-in-class ERP Software that has been developed impeccably to serve incomparable functionality over your various business management processes. With our best Enterprise Resource Planning Software we claim you trusted access to your important data and intuitive control over the comprehensive business management operations.

CRM Software:

Empowering you with the best CRM system software, Tally Solution commits you productive customer engagement, client management, sales force management and automated customer support service capabilities. Our CRM software product is well-customized according to your industry specific requirements and groundbreaking technology advancements to make them precisely effective and intuitive functional. The CRM system software we offer is cost-effective and peerless in each aspect.

HRM Software:

From strategic utilization of employees to adding value through talent management and performance management, our unblemished HRM software solutions at Tally Solution offer our clients high productivity in resource management and thus gain in the annual profit graph. Abreast with the most recent of technology updates, our HRM software is inevitably functional and offers unbound capabilities in the concerned field of Human Resource Management.